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About Us

Our History

At Rock Solid Yacht Services, our lifelong passion for the water has driven us to recognize a common sentiment among boating enthusiasts. While many people love the water and the joys of boating, few relish the work required to ensure a hassle-free experience. This realization inspired us to seize a unique opportunity – to share our extensive knowledge and deep passion for the water, helping our clients fully enjoy their precious moments on their boats.

We are your dedicated partner in overcoming the obstacles that may arise during your boating adventures. Allow us to assist you in charting a course towards success, ensuring a smooth navigation of your journey. Together, we will conquer uncertainties and set your boat on a course that fulfills your long-held dreams.


Our team comprises seasoned professionals hailing from diverse yachting backgrounds, ranging from mega-yacht captains to skilled experts in yacht repairs. This wealth of experience grants us a distinct understanding of what it takes to make your boat not only look its best but also function flawlessly below deck. We are dedicated to ensuring that all systems and mechanical components are primed and ready for any adventure you embark upon.
Our ultimate aim is to simplify your yachting experience, turning it into the dream you’ve always envisioned. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us – with just a call, we’ll restore the ease and joy of your yachting lifestyle.

With a team of more than 10 highly skilled technicians, we proudly stand as one of the largest service companies in Florida. Our diverse group of technicians possesses a wide range of expertise, covering everything from AC/refrigeration systems to marine plumbing and electrical work. Whatever issue you may encounter, rest assured that we have an expert ready to address it with precision and professionalism.

Our management team

Kevin Kates


With over 45 years running boats from center consoles to mega yachts, Kevin has seen or dealt with most every repair issue imaginable. Kevin believes every problem has a solution and pushes our team to think outside the box for answers to whatever issue your boat may be experiencing. Kevin is a veteran having served in US Army’s 10th Mountain Division.

John Adams


25 years of experience in the marine industry. From welding to running shipyards. Building boats to small repairs. John has extensive experience that is hard to find anywhere. Served as a Military Police in US Army.

Marlin Kates

Service manager

With a name so nautical in nature, it is safe to say he was destined to be in the marine industry. Marlin’s passion for the boating industry stems from a lifestyle of boating and fishing. From skiffs to yachts, he has been on the water for majority of his life. He loves a good challenge and appreciates a job well done.